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Bridge Mate DP Log

Bridge Mate DP Log

Marine Technologies developed the Bridge Mate DP Log in cooperation with Shipadmin AS. This software is included with all new dynamic positioning systems delivered. It can also be delivered as stand-alone software. The DP Log software was developed in close cooperation with world leading offshore companies in order to fulfill offshore industry requirements.

It is an industry requirement and a good practice to log all events taking place when performing different DP operations; however, it is often awkward and time consuming to write logs the traditional way when sitting in the operator chair. MT has solved this problem by developing a program which logs all activities with the click of a button. The program also gives valuable information to the DP operator concerning all down lines and gear in use that have influence on the vessel operation. The vessel layout is displayed on the screen, assisting the operator in deciding the safest ways of moving the vessel without conflicting with down lines and overboard gear in use. Some examples of gear in use which can be displayed include HPR poles, drop down thrusters, tool winches, cranes, diving bells, clump weights, taut wires and A-frames. All gear in use will be displayed in red to give the operator a visual warning.

The DP Log has programmed phrases which populate the log with the ease of a click; however, the log also allows operators to make their own comments as needed.

The importance of creating an accurate log is always greatest at critical times when the operator typically has the least amount of time to record data. With the DP Log installed, all entries are made automatically, allowing the operator to stay focused on his or her main tasks.

In the event of an incident, it is important to have a correct log showing the sequence of events that took place, along with the exact timing of these events. Based on the log entries, a qualified investigation of the incident can be performed, increasing the chances that the root cause of the incident will be discovered.

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