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Bridge Mate Joystick System

The Bridge Mate JX system is based on a distributed architecture like the Bridge Mate DP 1, DP 2 and DP 3 systems. This layout makes it possible to install hardware components in practical locations. Each interface unit (I/O hardware) can be placed close to the thrusters, rudders, engines and sensors they are interfacing with in order to reduce cabling and installation costs.

The Bridge Mate JX system can be delivered in a "compact operator station" version or a "console" version, with the compact operator station being the most common. Several different configurations of the console version are available depending on need. Due to the system architecture, the Bridge Mate JX is well suited for retrofitting or upgrading to any system class. The JX system can easily be upgraded to a DP 0 system since thruster and sensor cabling and interfaces are the same for both systems.

Alternative 1: Integrated Joystick System

The figure below shows an integrated joystick system connected to the redundant DP network. With this configuration the joystick system will be part of the DP network and will use the same sets of signals interfaced there, both for sensors and thrusters.

Integrated Joystick System

Alternative 2: Stand-Alone Joystick System

As opposed to the integrated joystick system, the independent joystick system (dipicted below) is not part of a DP network. The stand-alone system has its own interface to both thrusters and sensors. All signals are interfaced through the standard I/O unit. The independent joystick system is used both as a backup system as part of a DP 1 or higer class vessel, or as a separate system for vessels that do not want full DP capability.

Stand-Alone Joystick System

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