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Graphic User InterfaceBridge Mate Graphic User Interface

The operator station is running on a Windows® Embedded XP operating system which provides the operator with the familiar Windows environment. This page briefly describes the main features and layout of the user interface.

Title Line
The title line indicates the name of the application (MT Bridge Mate™) as well as the name of the vessel. If the system is running in simulator/trainer mode, this will be indicated on the title line as well.
Message Line
The message line is on the right side of the title bar, and all alarms and warnings will be shown there.
Menu Bar
The menu bar provides the operator with functions and settings for the DP system.
Performance Area
The performance area is located underneath the menu bar and contains five windows that provide essential information to the operator at all times. The performance area is static in the sense that it will always display the same information to the operator. The position window is in the far left corner with heading, deviation, vessel speed and rotation speed proceeding to the right.
Thruster Area
The area to the far left is the thruster area and contains symbols for the thrusters configured for the vessel. The thruster's symbols will show the status for the thrusters by using colors and text. Thrusters can be enabled/disabled by using the buttons next to these symbols or by opening windows/dialogs by clicking on the symbol with the mouse.
Working Area
The working area section of the screen can be split into one, two or three views to be displayed simultaneously. For each of the view locations, the operator can open any type of view depending on what he wants to see at that time. The available views are: position plot, thruster, sensor, reference system, joystick, trend, power, diesel and network view.
System Settings Area
The small section to the right of the work area displays some system settings that the operator can modify. The settings are modified in dialogs that are opened by clicking within the system settings area with the mouse.
Compact OS User InterfaceReference Systems Area
The reference system area is located on the lower left part of the screen and is similar to the thruster area to the far left. Reference system symbols indicate the status of the different reference systems, and the symbols are closely linked to the buttons that are used to enable/disable the reference systems.
Status Area
This status area is located in the lower right corner of the screen and shows the status of the DP operation, such as the main mode of operation, which axes are under automatic control, and whether or not the system is in a position move or similar function.
Joystick Display
Due to the small monitor used on the compact OS, the layout is quite different for this unit. Instead of using multiple, user-selectable views, there is one static view that contains all the essential information.

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