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Bridge Mate Integrated Bridge System

Bridge Mate Integrated Bridge System

The Bridge Mate Integrated Bridge System (IBS) concept is based on segregated architecture comprising a dual redundant network, flexible console and monitor solutions, and extremely durable marine-approved computers without fans or hard disks. The Bridge Mate IBS is designed to optimize the human-machine interface, taking into account that different information is required depending on the type of operation at hand. All applications, such as ARPA radar, ECDIS, conning, ICAS, cameras, sensor control and monitoring, etc., are readily available on any Multi-Function Workstation (MFW), giving the operator unique redundancy and flexibility. As an option, Marine Technologies (MT) offers secure satellite communication solutions for remote diagnostic and monitoring of IBS functions, enhancing operations and enabling more cost efficient system maintenance. MT has targeted the offshore market, but the Bridge Mate IBS is adaptable to the requirements of all sea-going ship types. It is designed to meet all International Maritime Organization (IMO) and classification societies' requirements, all the way up to one-man bridge operation.

Operator Benefits

  • Smart route planning
  • One-man bridge operation
  • Track control system and automatic route keeping
  • Custom integration with other systems
  • High grade of application redundancy
  • Sensor redundancy and redundant network ensuring data integrity and reliability
  • Increased safety of operation
  • Online ordering of charts, chart corrections and weather forecasts via ship communication
  • Touch screen - ease of operation

The Bridge Mate Integrated Bridge System is designed for easy operation to allow maximum time for observation and decision making. This is particularly apparent in the MT ARPA radar and ECDIS systems. These systems have the same intuitive user interface, panel layout and menu system. Route plans, charts, radar video and sensor information are shared throughout the Bridge Mate IBS.

Multi-Function Workstation

All navigational data is available on all MFW stations, including:

  • Heading control system
  • Chart maintenance
  • Route management
  • Conning display with track information
  • ECDIS with ARPA radar overlay
  • ARPA radar target information available on ECDIS

In addition to navigational information, the MFW stations may also include control of the following applications:

  • ICAS
  • DPS
  • Cameras
  • Thruster/Propulsion Control

Bridge Mate IBS Advantages

For Ship Owners

  • Flexibility in layout and design of the bridge
  • Standardization of hardware platform and software
  • Reduction in the amount of onboard spare parts
  • Ease of repair
  • Excellent maintainability
  • Simple upgrades throughout life cycle
  • No single point of failure
  • Dual network redundancy
  • Multifunction redundancy in navigation system
  • Availability of single-installation electronic charts for all Multi-Function Workstations
  • Reduced system upgrade times and maintenance cost through remote access/diagnostics (optional)

For Shipyards

  • Flexibility in choice of equipment
  • Dedicated displays and computers according to customer preference
  • Attractive ergonomic consoles
  • Reduction in cabling (cost efficient)
  • Reduction in number of control panels, keyboards and switches
  • Smaller consoles

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