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Bridge Mate Mini RadaScan

Bridge Mate Mini RadaScan

The Bridge Mate Mini RadaScan is an advanced position reference sensor for use in DP and other vessel control applications. Based on radar, it complements GPS/DGPS for close range operations and overcomes the limitations of traditional laser and taut-wire systems. Mini RadaScan is fully compatible with all types of modern DP systems. The sensor accurately measures the range and bearing of one or more transponders, enabling the system to calculate the vessel's position relative to the target. The positional data is fed directly to the vessel's DP system. Mini RadaScan can be used with "fixed" targets, such as drilling platforms, and with "mobile" target vessels such as FPSOs and vessel-to-vessel "track and follow" operations.

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Mini RadaScan Sensor

Bridge Mate Mini RadaScan SensorThe Mini RadaScan sensor's rotating antenna transmits a beam of radio energy and detects the reflected signal. Unlike conventional radar, Mini RadaScan ignores the "clutter" typically reflected by an offshore platform, and only "sees" the reflections from active Mini RadaScan transponders. Each transponder adds its own unique ID to the reflected signal, enabling the sensor to distinguish between multiple transponders. The sensor's continuous 360° rotational scan maintains target lock during vessel turns without the need to reset the sensor. This enables the Mini RadaScan to be used "hands free", even during the most critical part of a maneuver.

The Mini RadaScan system has three main components:

  • Mini RadaScan Sensor - the sensor is installed on a vessel equipped with a DP system.
  • Mini RadaScan Console - the console software is used by the DP operator to control the Mini RadaScan sensor. The software runs on a marine computer installed on the vessel's bridge.
  • Mini RadaScan Transponder - one or more transponders are mounted on the target platform or vessel.

Mini RadaScan Console

The Mini RadaScan console's clear display and intuitive user interface enable DP operators to use Mini RadaScan safely and effectively. The same user interface is used on our CyScan console, helping to make sure that CyScan-trained operators will already be familiar with Mini RadaScan controls. The Mini RadaScan sensor and console computer are connected via a standard Ethernet link, enabling multiple control stations to be installed, if required.

Mini RadaScan Transponder

Mini RadaScan transponders act as reflectors for the sensor, enabling it to "lock on" to the target platform or vessel on which they are fitted. Single or dual Mini RadaScan transponders can be mounted permanently or temporarily on the target structure or vessel. For added redundancy and precise heading control, the Mini RadaScan sensor can lock onto two transponders simultaneously. Each transponder can be used simultaneously by any number of vessels. Transponders can be powered either externally, or by an internal battery pack. A rechargeable battery option is also available. All transponders are UL and ATEX certified as intrinsically safe for use in hazardous environments.

Operational Benefits

  • Precision - Provides the kind of positional accuracy usually associated with laser or DGPS.
  • All-weather operation - Able to operate through rain, snow, fog, steam and dust in temperatures ranging from -13° to 131°F (-25° to 55°C).
  • Stability and reliability - Coded targets make the system immune to false reflections from other vessels or crew life jackets.
  • Close-range operation - Unaffected by the GPS/DGPS shadow that affects GPS/DGPS systems working close to large platforms.
  • Vessel maneuverability - 360° scanning sensor retains target lock during vessel maneuvers.
  • Deep water operation - Unrestricted by the water-depth limitations associated with taut-wire systems.
  • Multi-vessel capability - Each transponder can be used simultaneously by any number of vessels.
  • Safety - All transponders are UL and ATE certified as intrinsically safe in hazardous offshore environments.
  • Compatibility - Fully compatible with all modern DP systems and can be used with other DP sensors.
  • Versatile mounting options - The compact, lightweight sensor can be mounted in a variety of locations onboard a vessel. A mounting plinth may not be required.
  • Easy transport and installation - The compact, lightweight sensor can be carried by hand between vessels.
  • Simple upgrades - Fast software upgrade using a USB memory key, with the option of remote access via VSAT.
  • Reduced asset costs - The system can be moved quickly and easily from vessel to vessel, allowing spot market asset sharing of equipment.
  • Reduced operational costs - The system can be serviced easily by any competent, trained technician. No expensive manufacturer visits required.
  • Reduced training costs - "Click and play" operation is simple and intuitive. See it, select it, use it.

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