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Marine Technologies Restructures Operations in Asia

Marine Technologies, LLC (MT) is a global operation presently represented by offices in the USA, Norway and Singapore. MT has, over the years, established a leading position as provider of total integrated solutions to both the offshore and the commercial shipping sectors. MT Singapore has up until now been responsible for all sales, service and training in Asia and Oceania. Furthermore, MT Singapore has managed a partner network that conducts promotions, sales and service on behalf of MT in clearly defined geographical areas and on a non-exclusive basis.

The present dismal global situation within both the commercial and offshore shipping sectors, with reduced newbuild activity, as well as overall activities, has had an impact on MT. Consequently, we have made thorough considerations as to how to best ensure MT can continue to deliver competitive products and services of a high quality and in a timely manner to the market. As a result, it has been decided to restructure our operation in Asia.

Therefore, it is our great pleasure to inform you that an agreement has been made between Marine Technologies, LLC (MT, USA) and Sinor Marine Technologies Pte Ltd (s-MT, Singapore) for the latter to take over the responsibility for all activities related to sales, service and training in Asia and Oceania. The transfer of these responsibilities to s-MT and commencement of the related activities will take place as of 1 November 2016. MT Singapore will cease operation from the same date.

The operation will continue in s-MT under the management of Frode Klepsvik, and the present staff in MT Singapore will be transferred to the new enterprise on 1 November. We are also very pleased to inform you that this will take place without any interruption, including follow up of all active contracts and ongoing service activities. s-MT will also be responsible for managing and developing the partner network in the region, through new individual agreements with each partner company.

We are fully convinced that the restructuring described above will be to the benefit of both existing and new customers, enabling MT and s-MT to continue to successfully deliver high quality products and services to the market, also in the challenging times ahead of us. We wish to re-ensure all about our strong commitments to our customers and partners and look forward to a continued constructive and amicable cooperation with all parties involved.

Full System Package Delivered to ISLAND VENTURE

Marine Technologies has delivered a full system package to the ISLAND VENTURE. The MT package includes a Bridge Mate DP3 system, an Integrated Bridge System, Thruster Control System, automation and a C-Comm VSAT communication system.

The vessel is owned and operated by Edison Chouest Offshore and measures 524 feet (160 meters) in length, making it the largest vessel built at Ulstein Verft to date. Featuring an Ulstein SX165 OCV design, the vessel includes two cranes (400 and 140 tons), one large moon pool and two smaller moon pools with ROVs installed, three separate engine rooms and accommodations for 200 people.

2016 Dynamic Positioning Certification Courses in Singapore Announced

MT - Marine Technologies Pte, Ltd will be offering basic and advanced dynamic positioning (DP) courses in Singapore in cooperation with Maersk Training of Denmark.

Basic/Introduction Course – This course will familiarize students with the principles of dynamic positioning. Students will learn how to set up a DP system, as well as gain an understanding of the practical operation of associated equipment, including position reference systems. Download the course brochure for more information.

Advanced/Simulation Course – This course is designed to give students a thorough knowledge of the practical aspects of DP operations. Students will learn from theoretical sessions, as well as practical simulated exercises using Marine Technologies DP Systems. Download the course brochure for more information.

Please contact Jerry Ling at for scheduling information.

Marine Technologies' DP Training Centre is accredited by the Nautical Institute (NI) in London. The training program is based on NI's DP training scheme, which follows the recommendations contained in the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) guidelines.

infield support vesselMT Awarded Contract with Siem Offshore

Marine Technologies (MT) is pleased to announce that it has been awarded the contract to provide a complete bridge package for Siem Offshore-s new build, a 243-foot (74-meter) infield support vessel (ISV) of Ulstein SX 163 design. The vessel will be built at Fjellstrand Verft in Norway for delivery in 2014, with the potential for a second vessel to follow. MT will supply a Bridge Mate™ Integrated Bridge System (IBS), along with (DP), Joystick (Jx) and Thruster Control (TCS) systems for the project.

New MT Broadband on the Move

Marine Technologies (MT) is proud to introduce their newest two-in-one Ku band VSAT antenna – the MT-BB100 MKIII. Based on the field-proven technology of the BB90 and the BB100, the improved MT-BB100 MKIII features a redesigned parabolic dish for optimal RF performance and feed incorporating cutting-edge computer simulation software used in aerospace missions. The MT-BB100 MKIII offers fast tracking and outstanding signal acquisition, even without an external gyrocompass. Locking information is gathered from an internal tuner, the satellite modem and the AGC (automatic gain control) level.

MT-BB100 MKIII Ku band antennaThe MT-BB100 MKIII antenna is constructed of aluminum and carbon fiber and weighs less than 143 pounds (65 kg). This lightweight construction allows for the easiest antenna installation on the market. The MT-BB100 MKIII is designed to minimize stress on belts and motors for maximum operational life and minimum maintenance. Thanks to its rigid construction and fast tracking algorithms, the MT-BB100 MKIII antenna maintains remarkable tracking performance at all times, defying ship vibrations and heavy sea conditions.

The carbon fiber parabolic dish features a patent-pending metallic coating, resulting in an extremely lightweight dish, impervious to thermal and mechanical flaws with a smooth, conductive surface. The dish feed mechanism combines deep-space probing technology with internal corrugations to achieve best-in-class impedance matching and a controlled radiation pattern. The combined result is a top-performing ADE (axially displaced ellipse) dish offering highly efficient tracking precision and very low side lobes.

The MT-BB100 MKIII is compliant with the most demanding standards, as required by Anatel, Intelsat and Eutelsat. (*Pending approval; previous models have been approved.)

Click here to download the brochure.

Royal Huisman Flybridge Sailing Yacht, S/Y TwizzleMT Delivers IBS for Royal Huisman's First Flybridge Sailing Yacht

When Royal Huisman was contracted to design and build a high-performance sailing yacht with all the comforts and amenities of a motoryacht, they knew they had embarked on something truly special. The owners knew exactly what they wanted from what would be Royal Huisman's first flybridge sailing yacht, especially when it came to design and onboard technologies. Radio Holland was contracted to deliver the 189-foot (57.5 m) vessel's navigation and communication package. When designing the bridge system, the owners decided to use multi-function workstations with all applications installed locally on each workstation instead of via the standard server-client arrangement. This unusual arrangment was chosen to improve reliability while saving space as much less hardware is required. Radio Holland was contracted to deliver the navigation and communication package for the vessel. Integrated Bridge SystemRadio Holland then contacted Marine Technologies with an offer to collaborate on this special project. MT was chosen because they are the only company that can deliver an architecture based on "multi-masters" for their bridge systems. MT's role in the partnership was to supply the core system and oversee the integration of the system. Radio Holland supplied the monitors, glass panels and all sensors and reference systems, with the exception of the radar transceivers.

Marine Technologies customized a conning display with three different pages - autopilot, dynamic positioning (DP) and track steering. The display also indicates the position of the vessel's centreboard as well as standard applications including ARPA radar and ECDIS. An automation system controlling the onboard entertainment and CCTV systems from Royal Huisman was also integrated.

Conning DisplayMT also provided a DP system, enabling the vessel to maintain a given position and/or heading. The DP system allows the vessel operator to follow a pre-defined track or elegantly dock the vessel with the use of a simple joystick or a pre-programmed approach. The dynamic positioning application is integrated into the IBS and available on eight workstations, offering a highly redundant solution and alleviating the need for an additional stand-alone workstation.

In addition, a DNV-approved heading control system (HCS) was installed, enabling operation of the autopilot and track control from all workstations. The HCS provides much more detailed information than a traditional autopilot, including status of propellers, thrusters and rudders; along-ship and athward speed; and data from gyros, anemometers and DGPSs. The system also allows the user to set alarms for these readings.

MT is currently outfitting a 220-foot (67 m) motoryacht at Feadships De Vries shipyard in the Netherlands.

Bridge Mate Total Thruster Control SystemBridge Mate Total Thruster Control System

Marine Technologies has developed a total Thruster Control System based upon the well-proven DP technology both for software and hardware:

  • Triple redundant controller unit and operator stations
  • Interface unit consists of independent stand alone units that interface various types of propellers, thrusters and rudders
  • Interface units can be placed close to equipment to be interfaced and connected to a dual redundant network

MT BB100 Marine Satellite Antenna Receives Brazilian Anatel Approval

Marine Technologies (MT) is pleased to announce that its third generation BB100 marine-stabilized satellite antenna has been approved for use in Brazilian waters by the Brazilian federal communication agency, Anatel.

BB100 Marine SatelliteMarine Technologies joins the ranks of Seatel, Orbit and Schlumberger as one of just four manufacturers in the world to receive the coveted approval for use of one-meter class marine-stabilized satellite antennas in Brazilian waters. At least six other manufacturers of similar antennas have failed to meet approval.

The endorsement by Anatel was accomplished in record time and on the first attempt. MT's BB100 antenna is the only two-axis antenna on the market to achieve this status.

"Achieving Anatel certification means that this antenna is one of the best one-meter antennas in the world," stated Federico Zarghetta, MT antenna design engineer. "We can now ask for type approval from any satellite operator on the planet without limitations on transmit power."

The MT BB100, with its carbon fiber reflector and structure, is the lightest one-meter antenna available, weighing in at 55 kg (121 lb). Not only is the antenna easy to install, but it also boasts the simplest mechanical design of all one-meter antennas. The BB100's advanced inertial measurement unit and navigational computer are state of the art and micro in size compared to its competitors. Its antenna remote control unit incorporates Commercially available Off-The-Shelf (COTS) components with a user-friendly interface requiring no custom software. If you can use a web browser, you already know how to use the BB100 control system interface. The BB100 will be installed on all Edison Chouest Offshore companies' vessels bound for Brazilian waters.

Click here to download the brochure.

Askoy Shipping Group - 246′ PSVNew Contract for MT at Turkish Yard

Marine Technologies recently signed contracts for supplying integrated bridge, dynamic positioning and communication systems for Aksoy Shipping Group for a new 246-ft (75 m) PSV featuring a moon pool, large deck crane and accommodation for 60 persons.

Memhet Aksoy, owner of the vessel and shipyard in Gelibolu, Turkey, stated, "In order for us to be competitive in the offshore sector, our vessels must be in the forefront with respect to quality of workmanship and technological solutions. The integrated bridge (IBS) and Dynamic Positioning (DP) systems from MT are the most innovative and functional solutions in the market, whilst at the same time having an impressive track record. Integrated with their VSAT communication solution, an operation and maintenance concept with extensive remote monitoring and diagnostics possibilities will be enabled. For the yard, this means increased cost efficiency through reduced installation as well as commissioning time. As a ship owner this ensures that we will have a very competitive and reliable vessel to offer to our potential clients, with user friendly and robust solutions for the operating crew."

Frode Klepsvik, VP and Business Development Manager, Marine Technologies, added, "MT is very satisfied that Aksoy has chosen our solutions for this project. With Aksoy's strict requirements to robust and cost-efficient solutions, this proves that MT's products and services are relevant and competitive. The project also represents a milestone for MT's efforts in the Turkish market, and we are confident that this will pave the way for additional business opportunities in the region."

Ole M. Husøy, Sales and Design, Marine Technologies, described the project, "The solutions chosen by Aksoy include a full integration of the IBS, DP and satellite communication technologies from MT. As such, this project is representative of the most comprehensive installations that MT does. We are both very happy and humble for the trust that Aksoy have shown in us placing the order for such a complex and complete package with us, and will make sure that we meet the requirements and the expectations."

C-Comm BB90 MKII Antenna Provides Complete Remote Accessibility

Featuring lightweight carbon fiber construction, the new C-Comm™ BB90 MKII antenna offers complete remote accessibility and faster satellite tracking:

C-Comm BB90 MKII Antenna
  • Lightweight, carbon fiber construction
  • Complete remote accessibility
  • Faster satellite tracking
  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • Ability to work with SCPC, TDMA, CDMA and Spread Spectrum systems
  • Dual antenna solution with software-managed switch box
  • Compliance with OpenAMIP

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