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C-Comm MT-BB100 MKIII Specifications


Reflector 39 in (100 cm) ADE carbon fiber
Ku Band TX: 13.75-14.50 GHz
RX: 11.0 - 12.7 GHz
cross-pol and optional co-pol
Tx Gain 40.9 dB @ 14.250 GHz (without radome)
BUC Type 8 W JRC or 4 W Anatel type approved
16 W Codan (optional)
Rx Gain 39.9 dB @ 12.5 GHz (without radome)
G/T 18.0 dB/K @ 20° elevation (with radome)
LNB Low Noise Figure <0.6 dB with Swedish microwave
Double Quad LNB Compliant (DiSEqC protocol)
Polarized Feed: selectable from BBController software or OpenAMIP linear cross-pol
Radome Loss <1 dB TX and RX Ku band optimized


Radome Diameter 55.9 in (142 cm)
Antenna Weight 143 lb (65 kg) (with 8 W BUC)
Operating Temperature -4° to 140°F (-20° to 60°C)
Antenna Power 24 Vcc – 10 A or 110-230V AC (external power supply)
Ships Motion roll ±20° / pitch ±20° / yaw ±20°/sec
Elevation -20°/+80°
Rotary Joint combined slip-ring for Ethernet and power, unlimited azimuth movement
Tracking Accuracy <0.3° with external gyro connected
<0.5° without external gyro connected
Pedestal Type 2 axis level plus dynamic roll over skew


GPS all in view 12 channels internal
Internal 3-Axis Gyro Sensor 9 sensors with Kalman filter
Tracking Possibilities geostationary satellites
inclined orbit satellites
Lock Sources internal broadband DVB-S2 tuner
internal narrowband tunner
AGC carrier level
external modem lock
BBController Software OpenAMIP compliant
HTTP/HTTPS access to the antenna interface
remote software update
connection to iDirect modem through OpenAMIP or serial cable
gyrocompass HDT input via Ethernet
external Ethernet rain sensor
double antenna configuration with dedicated SwitchBox (optional)
Integrated Modem Capability iDirect X5 (default), Hughes or Gilate Technology (optional)
Auto satellite link budget calculation capability and automatic beam switching
WiFi and 3G Module (optional) supports 2.4 GHz WiFi with diversity antenna
supports GSM and UMTS quad-band with HSDPA, HSUPA, EDGE and GPRS


Conforms to Intelsat type-G, Eutelsat type-M and Anatel standards
Conforms to IEC 60945 standard

* Marine Technologies, LLC reserves the right to alter or amend the published specifications without notice.

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